Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a digital, multimedia platform to connect the UNC community domestically and globally through insights on individual’s unique and shared experiences, worldviews, and projects.

~ Our Values ~


We want to expand understanding of “the global” beyond purely academic endeavors by embracing diverse forms of creative expression and knowledge, and recognizing the power of lived experiences.


We position ourselves as anticolonial, critical of local and global power structures, supportive of a global pluriverse, and proponents for voices challenging hegemonies.


We aim to center perspectives traditionally marginalized in conventional publications.


We believe every student has the power to articulate their experiences and reactions to the ubiquity of globalization, and in considering all forms of expression we can develop a holistic understanding of its influence on our lives.

Our History

In Fall 2021, six graduate students from the Global Studies Department formed the UNC organization and digital publication The Global Gazette to address a need for a campus publication that spotlights experiences and understandings of globalization, and promotes various modalities of knowing and expression.

From left: Greg Kyle, Scarlett Hawkins, Eleni Econopouly, and Cat Haas

Meet the crew!

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