Kylie Broderick

To dream powerfully: activism for palestine in reflection of a history of global anti-human power

About the author: Kylie Broderick is a Ph.D. candidate and Mellon Fellow in modern Middle East history at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She is also the managing editor of Jadaliyya and a Co-Editor of the Resistance, Subversion, and Mobilization page. At the National Humanities Center, she teaches the Introduction to the Modern Middle East course to K-12 educators. Her interests are in the political economy of the Middle East, as well as histories of gender and capitalism, social mobilizations, and socio-economic class construction in Lebanon and Syria, and she is currently writing a dissertation focusing on these subjects.

About the piece: In this op-ed, Kylie reflects on the role, power, and potential of dreaming in liberatory praxis. She explores the dynamics between capitalist development and expansion, colonial exploits that work in the service of capital, and modern day iterations of these centuries old processes of domination and division. She suggests that one of the most powerful strategies we can employ in our efforts to build a more kind and loving world that is free of these violent mechanisms of conquest, is to practice the dreaming of and imagining of that future.

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To Dream Powerfully: