Documentary: 2021 Myanmar Coup d’etat – from a local perspective

DeAndre Sawyer

Photo Collection: Study Abroad in Denmark: A Personal View from a Foreign Eye

John Macejka

Essay: To Attempt to Democratize?

Michelle Liu

Poem: The Newest Colossus

Michelle Liu

Poem: It’s Someday

Laurel Petri

Painting: See Me

Emma Sampson

Personal Reflection:

He Aprendido- Reflecting on Lessons I Learned in Granada, Spain

Drew Tribble

Essay: Discourse Surrounding the Future of Political Globalization

Aditi Duttachowdhury

Essay: So She Can: Advocating for Better Conditions for Women Fleeing Gender-Based Persecution

Sophie Krejci

Personal Reflection: Untitled

Drew Tribble

Essay: Naturalization of Labor as an Obligation