Caitilin McMillan

Patchwork Glocal

About the artist: Caitilin McMillan is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is currently carrying out her fieldwork in Cyprus where her work explores migration, humanitarianism and the politics of care along the EU’s borders. Originally from Toronto, she now lives with her husband and baby son in North Carolina.

About the piece: Patchwork Glocal

In this piece, I wanted to reflect on how place is made through feelings, memories, events that travel with us as we move. I also wanted to be attentive to place as layered, always in creation, and relational. In other words, the local and global to me present somewhat false binaries - rather they are co-created. I use embroidery in this piece to explore these connections and the relationships between each of these three moments. After experimenting with the written text, I decided to mimic the form of an art label - title, materials, interpretation. Each photo is therefore accompanied with short text.

Caitilin McMillan: Patchwork Glocal

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