Kailee Sullivan

From the Urban to the Andes: A Self-Reflective Piece 

Image by Kailee Sullivan


"“The global” is evident through my piece as I recall my trip to Chile and Peru this past summer. I write about my experiences, things I learned, and noticed. I connect the piece to empathy through story-telling of times when I was initially upset/angry and how I allowed empathy and understanding to transform my perspective on those situations. I have been excited to write or the Global Gazette for a while now and I think my experiences and stories through the lens of a Global Studies major will be interesting for others to read. I discuss how I felt myself losing empathy at times and how I remind myself about humanity/maintaining hope through our greedy global systems. I hope the self-reflective aspect of my piece will encourage others to think critically about how their identity and presence as they travel internationally." - Kailee Sullivan