Volume 1, Edition 2

FALL 2022

Letters to the readers from Co-Presidents Eleni Econopouly and Scarlett Hawkins and Editor-in-Chief Sophia Nissler

Visual Art: Patchwork Glocal

Essay: The Beef with Beef

(Photo by Sajjad Hussain, Agence France-Presse (AFP), Getty Images)

Poem: a view from a top-floor window in england

Photo Series

Poem and Reflection: Spanglish: Linguistic Evolution, Trauma and Colonial Survivability

Essay: Globalization and Neocolonialism: Why it is Time to Redefine the Good Society

Essay: Democracy Alone Isn’t Enough: The Importance of Liberal Constitutionalism in the Fight Against Populism and Illiberal Democracies

Essay: Development and International Aid: A Question of Efficiency and Ethics

Painting: لغدٍ أفضل / For a Better Tomorrow

Essay: Neoliberalism, Globalization, Keynes and Attaining a Good Society

Essay: A Partial Deconstruction of the Patriarchal Logic which Structured US Policy Towards Prostitution in Korea in the Decades Following the Korean War