The global gazette

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a digital multimedia platform to connect the University of North Carolina community domestically and globally through the insights of our contributors' unique and shared experiences, worldviews, and projects.

~ Our Values ~


We believe in expanding the discourse of
“the global” beyond academia by embracing diverse forms of creative expression and knowledge, and recognizing the power of lived experiences.


We are proudly anticolonial, critical, and inquisitive. We support a global pluriverse, the interrogation of power and privilege, and the exploration of theories and practices that challenge hegemony. We stand emphatically against discrimination and oppression.


We consciously seek to center the perspectives of people who may be marginalized or excluded from normative platforms. We work closely with our contributors to prepare publication-quality content that maintains their authentic voice.


We trust that every person has the power to articulate their experiences and reactions to the global. Accommodating diverse forms of expression can inform a holistic understanding of ourselves as members of a global community.

Our History

In January 2022, a small group of graduate students from the Graduate Curriculum of Global Studies at the University of North Carolina founded The Global Gazette as a platform to promote diverse experiences and understandings of "the global".

Founding members of The Global Gazette.
From left: Greg Kyle, Scarlett Hawkins, Eleni Econopouly, and Cat Haas.

This is not a broadsheet. We never stop the press.

Meet the team who work hard year-round to bring the discourse to your devices.