Reflections, updates, and the future of The Global Gazette from Co-Presidents,
Scarlett Hawkins and Eleni Econopouly

Op-ed: To dream powerfully: Activism for Palestine in Reflection of a History of Global Anti-Human Power

Research paper: Community Healthcare, Population Demographics, and Bed Net Usage in Kisumu, Kenya

Photograph provided by James McClure

Prose: HeadsShouldersKneesToes

Essay: The 'Othering' and 'Invisibilization' of Bodies Marginalized by Society

Essay: Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid: Seeking Truth in the Jonestown Massacre 

Image source

Op-ed: Conceptualizing an Anarchism of Color

Image source

Poem: Notes from Romania

Essay: Exploring The Eastern Central European Uncanniness 

Photograph by Caroline Prout

Essay: The Spirit of Geneva; Reincarnated in an Ethiopian Refugee Camp.

Op-ed: How to Work Internationally
(Without Compromising your Values)

Short story: The Goatherd

Photograph by Eleni Econopouly

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