Laurel Petri:

See me

About the Artist: My name is Laurel Petri; I am a sophomore and a Studio Art Major. My career goals are to become an art therapist. As a member of the queer community, I am interested in representation in art as well as art that advocates for mental health and public health. My greatest influence as an artist has been Frida Kahlo.

See Me (12x12in, acrylic paint on cardboard, August 2020)

About the piece: Mother earth is crying out because environmental issues cannot be ignored anymore on a global level. A pandemic sprung from the environmental damages that have been created over centuries of humankind. COVID-19 is a sign among many that we need to do better for everyone, every day, to save our earth. A third eye is a Hindu symbol for the wisdom of a deity, in this painting the eye represents the wisdom of mother nature’s signs. In the artist’s interpretation when a goddess is provoked, havoc pursues those who have ignored her. See Me represents the power that the Earth has and the wisdom of Mother Nature that needs to be taken more seriously.

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